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play flag football. >> tim tebow, does he have a future in the nfl. this was a tough year from him just what do you think? >> i hope he gets away from the the jets. i don't think it was a good marriage going there and winding up in some kind of situation where are he s an outback on the punt team. that didn't serve tim well. i hope he is given an opportunity so he can answer the question can he play in this game or not the play in this game. i hope somebody gives him a chance. let them look at him and make an evaluation. if you can't complete passes and throw the ball accurately you can't play professional football. and i see where he is training and working with an olympian. i would love to see him work with a quarterback coach to give him an opportunity to work on the skills that he needs to play the profession that he loves. >> if he called you and said joe, one of the best quarterbacks all time in the nfl can you help me? would you help him? >> in a heart beat.
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i would do everything to give him the chance to live the dream that i have been lucky and blessed to be able to live. >> doug: you were once selected as the nfl man of the year for your community service. a great american. thank you so much joe theidsmann for being with us. >> tune in tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. eastern for my weekend business show cashing in. thanks for joining us and thanks for being with us. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> greta: , tonight, is washington a threat to americans? now, according to a new pugh poll the answer is, yes. a majority of americans saying washington poses a threat to their personal rights and freedoms. karl rove is here to talk about that plus much more ahead. "on the record" starts right now. >> the obama administration announcing big changes for the birth control coverage for employees of some religious organizations.
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>> we need to provide preventative services, access to preventative services for all women and that includes contraception and we also needed to respect religious beliefs. >> it would appear to be a dramatic post election reversal by the obama administration on an issue that marked a flash point in the early electoral cycle last year which by most accounts helped the campaign galvanize voters. >> january of 2009. 8.5 million americans have left the labor force. this administration is shrinking the private sector. >> when you look at that number it as pretty low number when you consider $4 trillion. >> oh, yeah. >> the economy to try to get the jobs market going. also when you think about the fact that the jobs council after having a few meetings they decided they didn't need that any more. >> he didn't use them anyway. >> a lot of breaking news this morning on a friday.
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another u.s. embassy s under attack. this time in turkey. record reports of a homicide bomber setting off an explosive device killing himself and at least one other person. >> it is the 8th embassy attack during senator clinton, well, senator clinton's rein as secretary of state. >> unusual to see this type of thing happening in the beating heart of the capital. >> it is a terrorist attack. >> the attack itself is clearly an act of terror. >> here comes the biggest live television event in the world. and some of the best and worst of madison avenue. >> there are two sides to go daddy. the sexy side represented by bar and the smart side represented by walter. together they're perfect.
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♪ >> now, you will see much more of the super bowl ads in just minutes. you do not have to even wait until sunday. and we will also give you all a chance to vote on your favorites. first, the obama administration is changing the rules. today, hhs announcing big changes to the very controversial contraceptive mandate. for months, religious groups blasting the obama care mandate requiring employers to provide birth control and now you to today the obama administration announcing broader rules to allow religious groups to opt out. karl rove joins us. nice to see you, karl. >> thanksers greta. >> greta: the jury is still not back so we know how everybody feels about it but the change in rule does leave out the private business owners who for maybe strong religious to pay
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for contraception. is this change going to be a good idea for everybody or put the lid on the problems? >> well, we need to see the exact wording of the rule and see its full implications. i think this may be a strategic retreat on the part of the administration. if you are a catholic university like ava maria university which filed suit not to be required as an explicitly roman catholic institution to violate its precipes you were liking to win the lawsuit. if you were the archdiocese or a church or a church-related institution you had probably a pretty good first amendment chance of winning that. the administration may have decided having won the point for political value in the campaign now is the time to retreat before it lost it in court. we need to see how the rule is and how expansionive it is and let the lawyers work it over for a day or two and hope something dropped out friday
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morning is actually as good as it sounds. >> greta: as least as i understand it and it is early it only applies to religious institutions so that if you are let's say you are deeply religious and you run, i don't know, a gas station or a restaurant or something, and you have more than 50 employees, you still under the obama care unless you get a waiver you have to provide for contraception even if it violates your religious beliefs at least that is how i read it. >> and if that is the case we will have a lot of unhappy people. religious institutions will be out of it. again, this is part of the broader topic that you raised which is the government attempting to step in it and dictate to people in their lives and we always have government playing a role in peoplele's lives. it is a question of how expansive it is. individuals you need to purchase insurance or you get fined. small businesses need to provide insurance that looks
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like this and is far more expensive than you are now laying out for premium support for the employees. people see this as an erosion of their freedom to make decisions on their own and when you add in things like gun control and the administration's regulatory burden particularly if you are running a business you think the government is stepping into your life way too much. >> the other interesting aspect at least with first blush is women who work with the religious institutions who want contraception can get a separate insurance policy to cover the contraception and they don't have to pay for it and neither could do the employers have, is someone has to pay for it. and the obama administration thinks the largeese is of the insurance industry that they will pick up the freight. someone is picking up the freight. >> we all are. we are socializing the cost of the insurance by saying insurance companies have to provide it. they will not provide it free. they will charge all of the other people in the customer
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base for it. the way to teak a cost associated with something that is popular, contraception particularly for younger women and have somebody else pick up in the tab. we ought to emphasize personal responsibility. if you want it you you can have it. you have to pay for it and it is your responsibility. >> greta: the problem with the individual tab is that the whole idea is everyone was in on it and would have to pay so that we keep the price down because they are spreading around. to the extent that some people are exempted or get wayne waivers that is going to raise the tab for everybody else. >> the whole purpose behind obama care was not to drive down costs. president obama said pass it this bill and by the end of see premiums go down. instead we have seen an escalation of it. nothing is more expensive than something that is free. we take the consumer out of it and have the taxpayer pick up the tab and make things more expensive. plan date rather than being
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competitive by product everything has to look the same and cost roughly the same and we have funny is subsidies built into the law. a thing called a community rating which essentially means that younger healthier people will pay a higher insurance rate than older less healthy people. in essence having younger people subsidize older people and you become incredibly inefficient and make younger people in this instance pay more in order that older people will pay less and in the process get the system out of whack. this s not a system based around personal responsibility. based upon in essence transferring the cost of insurance from the consumer and their employer to the taxpayer. >> greta: and let me move right on to the other topic which is sort of related to that and that is sort of this idea of personal freedom because a lot of americans in fact, 53% now say that washington poses a threat to their personal free he dom. that number is up. >> and you can sunday stand
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why. we have -- you can understand why. obama care. the attack on religious intimate tucks. the gun control. how do we make away the right of people to own certain kinds of firearms or own firearms all together. you bet people have in the last several years become increasingly concerned about the intrusion of government into their lives. talk to any american who gets a pay check and their january pay check is smaller than their december pay check. taxes are going up which some people rightly see as an infringement upon their freedom to spend their money as they see fit. >> greta: what do you see as something that's american people or the american government should or should not do on gun control? >> there ought to be reasonable
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restrictions on felons, people who are mentally disturbed. one of the things that worries me about this is that we seem to pay attention to the people who are not the source of the problem and ignore dealing with the problem. we know this -- cities like chicago with very strict gun control laws don't have less crime than the communities surrounding them and we also know that as ownership of firearms has expanded in our country the country has -- the crime has declined. the famous socioologyist, he had written an article pointing out in our rush to worry about firearms getting in the hands of people who shouldn't have them, we also were likely to step on the rights of people who had every right in the world to get them and his point was between half a million and two million instances a year a firearm is credited with stopping an act of violence and
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if we restrain the people's detroit have firearms we will restrain the ability to protect themselves. >> greta: what is a reasonable restriction? someone may be perfectly normal today but a year from now maybe that person isn't perfectly normal. what would you see as reasonable restrict,. >> we do have because of privacy laws some states cannot provide the data about mentally ill people to be added into the database when we check for firearm sales. if anybody is under any kind of order that calls into question their mental health or fitness that out it be part of the database. >> greta: would that include somebody who is having a marriage problem and going sosome sort of marriage counselor? >> absolutely not. but you might have if you had a domestic dispute that was involved in a potential divorce
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or a divorce proceeding where someone sought a court order out of threats of violence perhapses that ought to in some instances be take noon consideration. look, here is the bigger deal. why is it that we are talking about adding new laws when we are not doing a sufficient job of enforcing the laws that we have. people violate gun laws and commit crimes with guns with impugnity and in many instances don't get prosecuted to the extent of the law. if we got serious about saying you lied when you showed up and tried to buy a firearm, we found out that you lied on your application and we will be serious about prosecuting you maybe we would have fewer people trying to buy firearms who shouldn't buy firearms. if we got really tough on them, maybe it would discourage people from engaging in that kind of behavior. instead we have seen in the last couple of months instance after instance of federal and local authorities failing to prosecute gun crimes as
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seriously as they ought to. >> greta: the unemployment rate ticked upward. we have added 157,000 jobs the month of january. your reflex on those numbers? -- your reflection on those numbers. >> we get into this month-by-month by month. let me step back and take a broader view. think about this. remember, we went into a recession in delawar december 7 and it ended in it june of 2009 according to the economists. last year we created an average of 180,000 jobs a month which sounds sort of okay until you look at it in this context. there have been 78 months since the recession began. 42 months since the recession ended. at the current rate at 180,000 jobs a month which is what we created last year in the revised number it will take until july of 2014 to get back to the level of people who were working in america in december of 2007 when we went into
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recession. it will take us 78 months to get back to the starting point. meantime, between 7.8 to 10.7 million people will have entered the workforce without a job available to them. this is inadequate. this is insufficient. we will get back to in the middle of next year he where we were. the problem in america we are not growing as strong as we should. we averaged 1.9% growth per quarter since the recession ended. the government is keeping us from having the kind of growth and prosperity that will allow americans to get back to work and get a pay check. when we finally get back to the level that we were in december of 2007 it will have taken us 78 months. that is the longest time since the great depression that it has taken us to get back to where the starting point was. >> greta: karl, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: on the news about the
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shrinking gdp and tickup in the nation's unemployment rate a new report that a growing number of americans plan to delay retirement. nearly two thirds of workers between the ages of 45 and 60 now say they will work longer. what is driveing that decision? the "wall street journal's" lauren weber joins us. what is driving that decession and what is going to be the overall impact on the rest of us? >> well, it is mainly because americans are feeling very insecure about their finances right now and not just about the future, also about the recent period we have been through. many people spent down their savings in the last few years as a result of job los or declining values in their homes so they couldn't refinance. and now people are looking ahead to their retirements and realizing they he will have to work longer in order to ensure a certain amount of financial security. >> greta: i suppose if those people work longer so they are not leaving the work place that means the young people looking for a job will not find the sort of typical holes or places where they might as people
7:17 pm
leave jobs open up. >> it is a difficult dynamic and this is a controversial topic among econ mists. when you have strong job growth that shouldn't matter. world war ii when a lot of women entered the work force there was concern that male unemployment would rise. it did. there is a certain amount of blockage in the jobs pipeline for younger people. means somebody who is 65 doesn't retire. means the 45-year-old doesn't get the promotion and that does trickle down to younger workers. >> greta: any sort of bright side to the news that people are staying in the workplace longer? any advantage to us? there are a couple of things that are positive for us. not entirely about finances. people don't report it is all about finances. partly it is because we are living longer and healthier so people want to work longer and be productive longer. for certain industries facing
7:18 pm
disruptive skill shortages where you have a real con is centric of older workers those kind of companies are probably happy about the news because they need the skills retained win the company. >> greta: people can predict what kind of skills we will need so you would think we would be smart enough to i focs on the younger people coming in and gear them towards the skills where it is going to be. is there that near the long end for people trying to decide what to do. >> there is and there is plenty of college counseling telling people to go into sciences. you can't always tell a 20-year-old to pager in chemistry. >> i don't think any parent was happy unfortunately when you came home and said you were majoring in art history. >> right. >> greta: not a lot of jobs there. thank you very much. and straight ahead, there is developing news. a deadly terror attack on another u.s. embassy. this time it is in turkey. a suicide bomber setting off
7:19 pm
explosives in front of our embassy there. and a big celebrity, a little dog and a big fight at an airport. which a-lister had a run in while trying to board a flight. that is come up. it is less than 48 hours away on super bowl night. super bowl xlvii kicks off in new orleans. what can you expect from the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers? an nfl coach who know hass it takes to win a super bowl is here to talk about that. plus you don't have to wait until is sunday. get your first look at the super bowl ads, coming up. [ metal rattling ] ♪ boo! i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use new pam, this is what you get. residue. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's new pam. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula
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>> greta: we just had a terrorist hit on one of our
7:23 pm
embacies today in turkey. today's terror attack coming less than five months after the assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. is going on with american security at the diplomatic joins us.und the world? good evening, sir. >> i notice the white house quick to use the word terrorism in connection with this. not wanting to revisit the horror of how it was tree dee scribed last time. >> it is unclear who is responsible for this. the turkish government has claimed it was a left wing splinter group in turkey. i think it is much more likely it is al-qaeda or some affiliate, possibly iran. i don't think it is an internal turkish problem. the turkish government is trying to minimize the broader risk of an al-qaeda environment. >> the patriot missiles were just put up on the border with syria and syria is unhappy with that. and iran says any attack on syria is an attack on iran.
7:24 pm
there is a lot of people -- i'm not is suggesting israel did about but but a lot of unhappy people in the region. >> a strange attack. a one person affair against the american embassy in ankara. whatever the motive of the attackers, again, it is an american embassy being targeted and we are four months after the attack on becke. novicible retaliation or retribution by the yates and i'm afraid that people have gotten the impression that american embaycies are subject to that sort of behavior without really cost for the attacker. >> greta: thought, two things. one is what our current relationship with turkey is and secondly what you perceive as what the turkish people think about the u.s. government? >> i think our relations with turkey are not great because of the policies of the turkish government both internally and in the broader region interfering with the peace process, turning against
7:25 pm
israel. but their economic policies have been very receptive to foreign in vetment. a very free market government even though it is islamist in its social policy. kind of a mixed situation. i think the turmoil in syria, the risk, the threat of iran all make a very complex situation with historical animosities and tensions building and i think that is one of the reasons in the absence of a clear and firm american policy why there is -- there is so much turmoil and so much risk. >> greta: is turkey sort of our proxy in terms of helping the rebels in syria? >> well, i think because there are so many refugees inside turkey who need humanitarian assistance that those refugee camps also provide r and r bases for the opposition in syria and as just as a logistical matter i think the
7:26 pm
turks don't want the assad regime to continue but they are worried that the opposition does contain substantial terrorist elements including al-qaeda. one of these things where it is like chinese checkers. there are five or six players in the region and none of them form convenient alliances with one another. this is not a two person checkers game. >> greta: i haven't seen this embassy but i have seen some of our embassies and some of them are a dangerous place like in pakistan. it is amazing how we had to like over time we had to build up the embassies and make them fortresses. they seem very unfriendly for anybody wanting to enter them. >> as we can see from the pictures here this time our security system worked. the guy did not get through the security detection devices. although he did kill a turkish guard and raises the question why was it a one person operation or is there more coming in turkey or elsewhere? i think in that particular
7:27 pm
section of ankara it is amazing the guy got through at all and i'm sure within the turkish services there will be a lot to be said of this, leaves americans worried that now they can't go to the embassy in safety. >> i hate to sort of mistrust people but we have other countries protecting our embassies like we protect other country's embassies and sometimes these look like inside jobs or information is passed. i always feel rather -- i wish i had more confidence in security for that region. >> is certainly in the case of libya i think there is little doubt that the terrorists there had inside help and i think that has been a threat in other places in pakistan as you mentioned where we had incidents over the years where the terrorists are able to work from the inside. >> greta: aassador thank you. always nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up a beg celebrity is take on major airline. who is it and why is the celeb tweeting mad at the airline?
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>> greta: whether they watch for the game or the commercials or both millions of americans are gearing up for super bowl xlvii. the baltimore ravens take on the san francisco 49ers in new orleans. nfl head coach here with a preview of the game in a minute. first a preview of the commercials and we start with the new mercedes-benz and starring supermodel kate upton. ♪ >> greta: the ad is taking heat for being a tad bit racy. that brings us to the new calvin klein underwear ad. ♪ >> greta: this is the first
7:33 pm
time calvin klein has run an ad for the super bowl. moving from fashion to food. taco bell's super bowl offering. >> secretly, people kind of hate you for are it. introducing taco bell variety taco 12 pack. a game day tradition. >> the ad is called grandpa goes wild and you will have to watch the game to see the rest. go daddy .com is running this ad. >> the smart side that creates a killer website for the small business represented by walter. together they are perfect. >> greta: stick around to the fourth quarter to see that ad. finally it wouldn't be the super bowl without chips. here is just one of the new dorito's ad. >> daddy, can you play princess with me. >> sweet heart i would love to
7:34 pm
but the guys are outside waiting for me. >> i have doritos. >> steve, what is the holdup? >> so which ad do you like best, go to greta wire .com and watch them again and then pick your favorite. and this year it is not just any super bowl, it is the harbowl. what can we expect from the big game? cincinnati bengals head coach marvin lewis has a good idea. as defensive coordinator he helped lead the ravens to a super bowl victory 12 years ago. he joins us. nice to see you, coach. >> how are you doing today? >> very well. i take it you are excited about the game. i'm curious what are you going to be watching for? i know you are not watching the ads like many people. what are you looking for? >> you know, we are looking for a great game. i think you have two teams that both can be explosive on offense. san francisco obviously with their ground aback but their ability to make plays with their receivers.
7:35 pm
baltimore's explosive offense and then two defenses that are going to be played very sound and very disciplined and very physical. >> greta: i'm going to look for the quarterback for the 49ers seems to run a lot which may be a nightmare for the coach but seems to run with the ball allot and flacco i watch his arm. look at the pass that he made during the playoff game against denver with 31 seconds left. i always sort of watch for the real dramatic but those are the things i like to watch. >> those were very effective parts of both teams to get them in the super bowl. and it will be a big part of the game is the ability of baltimore to play the option series and the ability of the san francisco 49ers defensively to keep the ravens from throwing the football over their heads. >> greta: how important is ray lewis to the team not just for his playing abilities but just the fact that he is a big deal to the baltimore fans but also to the team. he has been there so long and
7:36 pm
people, of course, this will be his last game at least he says it will be his last game. how important is his sort of spirit to driving a team? >> it is very important. ray has through his will and ability has gotten them into this game by really helping to lead the young guys and the inexperienced guys and even the focused veterans how important this game is and to put everything else aside put all your eggs in this basket and let's go and let's go try to win this football game. i understand that they have -- he has been very instrumental in tightening things up particularly this week on how the team goes about their preparation. >> greta: last time the two teams played against each other when the brothers the coaches played against each other was thanksgiving 2011. ravens took that game. this game who is the favored team do you think? >> well, i believe by the oddsmakers they are favoring the 49ers. but i like baltimore and their
7:37 pm
ability to really rise up and get ready to play a great football game led with ray's leadership. the other experienced football players they have on that team and i think the offense of the ravens was very explosive with ray rice, the ability to throw the ball over their heads with torrey smith and beaudin and jones, they have tight ends that can work underneath. i like the baltimore ravens chances in the football game. >> greta: big picture, obama said if i have to tell you if i had a son i would have to think long and hard before i would let him play football because of all of the controversy with the head injuries recently. your thoughts about the future of football and what president obama said? >> well, i think that we ought to look at soccer because soccer has far more trauma injuries to the head than football does. downhill skiing and so forth. yes, football we are taking a very -- everybody including everybody involved in football is taking a very critical look
7:38 pm
at football and trying to evaluate how things are -- how we are playing the game, how we are coaching the game, how we are teaching the game to young people and it is something that is very significant. and for the future of football it is very, very important. but yet there are things that happen in the other sports and activities that we participate in our young people participate in as we go. we have brought a lot of attention to football, though. and so time will continue to tell. we will continue to do the research. we will continue to take steps to make the game just as safe as we can make the game as we coach and teach the game. >> greta: coach, thank you. and good luck to the bengals next year. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> greta: coming up, the case of the pastor versus the waitress. the pastor writes an unusual note on a restaurant check and the waitress posted online for the world to see. what did the note say and why did the waitress then get
7:39 pm
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>> greta: a waitress takes on a pastor in a bizarre case that started when the pastor wrote o note on her applebee's check complaining about the automatic tip. writing i give god 10%, why do you you get 18%. the waitress took a picture and posted it online. when the pastor found out she complained to the manager and applebees fired the waitress. who should feel wronged here applebee's or the waitress? >> ted? >> have you is ever heard that phrase the customer is always right. in this instance.
7:44 pm
>> greta: stuck on stupid. >> i think that what you will find is that the waitress clearly was stuck on stupid. it tells young people that they need to be very careful about what they put on social media because it can come back to buy the them. i think that this woman was fired. i think she should have been fired and i think she will remain fired. >> greta: michael cardoza? >> i got to tell you i'm a little bit afraid to say this because i agree with ted. she should have been fired. i mean that is company issue. they issue the receipts to the customers and it is their customer. not hers. she should never have put it on facebook. >> greta: would it have been different if she owned the place? if she owned the restaurant and did it? >> you know, i -- well, certainly you are not going to fire your isself sself so it we been different.
7:45 pm
it put the pastor in a very embarrassing situation. i know a lot of us worked in the service industry when we were going through school and tips are how you make your money. they don't get a large hourly rate. they work on tips so when people stiff them and walk out with no money it is like hey, come on. was the waitress right? no. >> michael, i know exactly why you and ted are saying this. because i used to bar tend on the jersey shore. i couldn't stand cheap skates and the worst, the worst were lawyers. i couldn't stand seeing them come in because i knew i wouldn't be able to pay my rent. not to mention the woman repented and said she was sorry. give 10% to god? this is sickening. >> greta: why did she write it on the bill in the first place. >> first of all, god is going to be mad. second of all the woman is a pastor what the hell is she talking about i give 10% to god. give her her job back. >> but brother grim, the pastor did not fire the woman.
7:46 pm
applebee's feared the woman. i think they looked at it and made a business decision. >> applebee's is afraid of god. god will embrace you if you let him. applebee's ought to bring her back and make her a manager. >> greta: this is a case where everyone seems bad or wrong on this one. >> i don't know if everyone s wrong. i don't think everybody is wrong. this woman the waitress should not have posted this on a social media outlet. >> of course, she shouldn't it. it was a stupid thing to do and, of course, why did the pastor write it on there. of course, but this is the kind where now someone loses a job because everybody as ted would say is stuck on stupid. i will take the last word. >> who do you think is at fault in the situation? the waitress or the pastor? maybe even both. go to greta wire .com and tell us your thoughts in the case.
7:47 pm
as luck would have it. another great case to talk about. three airlines facing a $000,000 lawsuit after a mored bily obese woman died waiting for a flight home to new york from overseas. her husband filed a wrongful death tout suit. they were kicked off several flights because the planes couldn't accommodate the woman's special seating needs. michael, your thoughts about this one? >> first of all, the lady bought two seats for herself. the husband bought one seat. my first reaction to this is you are really suing over this? i mean it is emotional, certainly the husband has lost the wife but how are you going to prove that what the airlines did was a substantial cause of death here? they are not going to be able to do that. right from the get-go the courts are going to toss this lawsuit out unless the attorney who filed it has more information than what is given to us. that is where it is going to end up.
7:48 pm
dismissed. >> greta: bernie started scribbling notes. >> our educated viewers will know what duty of care did the airlines owe this woman. she bought a ticket and she wasn't on the plane and died. she has a severe medical condition but why did the airlines owe her a duty of care? >> greta: wrongful death? maybe as to contract to provide a seat. she had a contract. >> i have a heart attack here now i can't sue fox news. >> look, the airline does not always have to make reasonable accommodations to someone who is ill. she was in europe. >> greta: why did they sell her a ticket then? >> just like they would sell to anybody else. >> she asked for two seats. >> the problem is more than that, the problem here was that the airline had no duty to accommodate her if she was medically ill she should have went to the doctors there in europe or sadly i'm sorry that she passed away.
7:49 pm
>> greta: meekle? >> ted just said it. here is a woman that is 407-pounds. an amputee. the airlines did they handle this properly? that is open to discussion. it is very emotional. but if she were that sick why did they he not if they didn't and we don't know this but i assume they did not take her to any doctors in hungary where they were. so why didn't they do that? they didn't even know she was going to die. so how do you blame this on the airlines? >> greta: i think -- >> you can't. >> greta: the think you have to make plain they are suing for wrongful death like the airlines were the cause of her death. that is not the story. she may have had a separate contract to have two seats to go on a flight. that is a contract issue which is something that is vastly different. >> sure. >> the airlines could have handled it better, yes. but they are not responsible. >> i would agree with you michael for once. >> greta: i think i said that. anyway i'm just teasing. gentlemen as always, thank you. >> i'm sorry.
7:50 pm
>> greta: thank you. straight ahead, a big celebrity and big drama at the airport. which a lister had a run in with airport staff over her dog? find out next.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that?
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oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work. the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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7:54 pm
adirondack mountains thanks to the help of prison camp inmates. they are helping local volunteers build a winter palace. the inmates are breaking ice in a frozen lake and they use the ice blocks to create the 75-foot wide palace. the volunteers are happy to have all of the help they he can get and inmates say it is a great experience. now, a not so great experience that has one celebrity tweeting mad. >> she and her little dog were trying to board a flight in dallas and an american are airlines supervisor said chenoweth didn't have is the right paper work for the dog. the actress and dug were allowed to board but that didn't stop her from tweeting american airlines, abuse not okay, hash tag trip from hell. and now to former republican
7:55 pm
senator scott brown's big news. former senator scott brown republican, massachusetts, will not run for kerry's senate seat. senator brown left the senate after losing reelection to elizabeth warren. he said he had given serious thought to running but has decided against it. you you don't have to be a new yorker to remember ed koch. new york buff andrew cuomo tweeting with the passage of ed koch, new york, has lost one of our most admired city leaders and michael bloomberg tweeting we will miss ed koch dearly but his witt and wisdom will forever be a part of the city we love. and even david axel rod tweeting. and also today, hillary clinton formally resigning as the
7:56 pm
67th secretary of state. and secretary clinton gets lots of parting gifts from staff. clinton advisor tweeting staff farewell tips to hillary clinton. driver manual. house and car keys. tsa approved 3-ounce clear bottles for air travel. that s a staff with a sense is of humor. and finally, former first lady laura bush tweeting today is national wear red today. wear red to show your support of good hearthealth. the heart truth. what are your favorite tweets and posts of the day? who caught your attention on twitter and facebook today? and coming up your last call. one more are quick one before we turn down the lights. it is the video that gives a whole new meaning to walking your dog. the story behind this incredibly cute video, next. can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®.
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